Les Belles Heures


Our masseuse, Claudine, gives already for more than 30 years various types of massages.

She offers, a general relaxation massage, a sports massage, foot reflexology massage, an intuitive massage or a massage that is tailored to the physical problems of the client.

Claudine speaks English and you can express your desired massage. However you may want to choose for a massage that based on your body reaction/language when Claudine starts to massage you. Claudine feels pretty quickly where the blockages are located in the body and will work with you to tune her massage where it is needed.
Often she gives during or after the massage information that can improve the health of the client or she provides information about the possible cause of the physical complaint.

The feedback of customers who have received a massage by Claudine are all very beautiful to hear. Allmost all have experienced a wonderful rest and relaxation; by some reduced physical complaints were experienced.