Les Belles Heures


The Infra Red Sauna consists intense, carbon and full spectrum emitters, as well as an aroma and a light therapy. The 3 persons corner shaped sauna is made of original Canadian Red Cedar wood. It is known that red cedar kills fungus and bacterium and it smells very tasty. It has an open cell structure and thus an unsurpassed insulation. The wood "works" almost not and is very durable and moisture resistant.

The sauna cabin offers a number of options;
- Three different emitters, having different effects on the body. Hence you can choose in the cabin which heater is best for you.
    1. Intense heaters are specifically designed to relieve muscle and joint pains.
    2. The carbon emitters are known for the delicious mild heat in the infrared sauna.
    3. The full spectrum emitter, penetrates deep into the skin by 4 mm to 5 cm.
- Aromatherapy; choice of different flavors.
- Professional light therapy